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 The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving educational outcomes for individuals with exceptionalities, students with disabilities, and/or the gifted. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides continual professional development, advocates for newly and historically underserved individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.


Colorado Department of Education : Special Education Law Web Page is designed to give you access to Colorado Special Education Law information. From this site you will be able to locate and download special education law brochures and decisions for Due Process Hearings and State Complaints. You will also find stat sheets, by year, if you are looking for a particular case by number or by school district. The Colorado special education Rules (ECEA) and the Federal special education Regulations (IDEA) links are accessed from this site as well.

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Parent to Parent of Colorado (P2P) is a parent initiated and controlled organization which may be a valuable tool for parents of children with disabilities to find support services and information that will allow their children to become valuable members of society. There are a number of supports including one to one parent matches and links to parents throughout the state. Parents can also sign up for a quarterly newsletter.


The Arcs in Colorado is dedicated to offering advocacy services for individuals with disabilities in the community in order to “create the conditions under which all people with developmental disabilities experience opportunities to develop competency and to make choices, to have good relationships with family members and friends, to have respect and dignity, and to be full participants in all community living”

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Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition (CCDC) is a statewide coalition dedicated to serving individuals with all types of disabilities. The site offers numerous resources for support services as well as information relating to the newest legislation and laws regarding the rights of individuals with disabilities.

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Division for Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Community Centered Boards (CCB’s)  is the Colorado State office that that is designed to provide direction, funding and operation of services for individuals with developmental disabilities. It promotes a variety of functions that are to be coordinated with service providers, advocacy groups, and families.

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LD Online has a vast array of resources that are categorized specifically for educators, families, and individuals with disabilities. There are forums for discussion, newsletters, calendar of events. There are also frequent updates of articles related to individuals with disabilities.

EMPOWER Colorado is an organization created and run by families of children with mental challenges. The site offers support, advocacy, education and resources for students with a variety of biological and neurobiological disorders

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PEAK Parent Center: Colorado’s Parent Training and Information Center is dedicated to providing information, training, and technical assistance to families of children with disabilities from birth to twenty six years of age. Families will receive information and support to advocate for their children. On the site families can also find information about conferences and mentoring.

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PEP: Parents Encouraging Parents is designed to offer information about family centered conferences that are designed to offer support, information, and education to parents and professionals. The conferences are available to Colorado residents who have a child with a disability from birth to twenty one years of age. It is also a valuable resource for administrators, educational staff, and other service providers

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The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People is a resource designed to help individual with disabilities live independent and productive lives by assisting individuals with a variety of legal issues, especially; civil rights, and discrimination. The service assists a variety of individuals including individuals with mental and physical disabilities, people with HIV, and older people throughout Colorado. This organization may also be valuable to administrators, teachers, and service providers.

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Wrightslaw: Is designed to allow parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys to find accurate, reliable information about special education law. The site also has valuable resources about advocacy and general education law. This site offers thousands of articles, cases, and free resources from a variety of topics


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